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CD and DVD Burning in Windows Vista

update may 07 2009
The burnatonce website is now a malware website, and all of the below tools
had problems burning Windows 7 64bit .iso files, so I now recommend
ImgBurn ( to all my friends, and to nutjobs like you.

Windows 7 claims it can burn .iso files natively:

dated: february 2007
There are no acceptable (to me) CD-DVD burning programs. They're either
too bloated (Nero), include malware (DeepBurner), or aren't compatible with Vista32
(CDBurnerXP Pro - this one may be compatible later on, but you have to buy their freeware
to see the beta.)
LCISOCreator version 1.1 (52kb) - //
It's a tiny tool that does one thing: you put a CD or DVD in your computer, and ISO Creator
makes a .iso file from it. I tested it by making a backup copy of my Windows Vista Ultimate
32bit DVD.
ISO Burner version (642kb) - //
This is also a one-trick pony. It makes a CD or DVD from your .iso file. I tested it by burning
my backup Vista 32bit DVD.
Result: I booted with my new Vista backup, chose 'Repair your computer', and
restored my latest backup. Then I wrote this page, because it took quite a while to find this
little combo. A lot of 'freeware' burners are actually malware burners.
Your welcome.

Finally, for bootable CD-DVD's, there is:
burnatonce version 0995 (3907kb) - //
Unlike the above two programs, you have to use the install file for it to work in Vista32.
I've used it for bootable CD's in Windows XP Home and Vista Ultimate x64.

Ripping and burning music CD's to .mp3 and .wav

CDex version 1.51 -
Just put in the CD and run CDex.exe. Set the encoder to MP3 on the options menu, hit 'Convert',
and you're done.
I had originally installed this program in 2003, and copied the files it installed to
Program Files to a backup. That probably means it's safe to install the latest version from
the CDex homepage.

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