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WU-ftpd ftpaccess file

class   all   real,guest,anonymous  *

loginfails 2

limit   all   18   Any              /etc/ftpd/msg.dead
limit   all     1       Any1900-0500     /etc/ftpd/msg.dead

readme  README*    login
readme  README*    cwd=*

message /welcome.msg            login
message .message                cwd=*

compress        no             all
tar             no             all
chmod           no              all
chown           no              all
delete          yes             guest
rename          yes             guest
delete          yes             real

log commands real,guest,anonymous
log transfers anonymous,real,guest inbound,outbound
log security real,guest,anonymous

guestgroup webbers

allow-uid webbers
allow-uid lisa
allow-uid kevin

timeout idle 6000
banner /etc/ftpd/banner.msg
greeting terse
shutdown /etc/ftpd/shutmsg

path-filter anonymous,guest /etc/ftpd/paths.msg ^[-a-z0-9\.5]*$ .eps$ ^FINDER .png$ ^\. ^- htm$ .db$ .cgi$ \.pl$ \.c$ \.tif$ \.bmp$ \.jpeg$

noretrieve /etc /boot /usr /tmp /root /home/*/.htaccess core .* *.so *.2 *.6 *.1 ls group passwd *.cache


dns refuse_no_reverse /etc/ftpd/no_reverse
dns refuse_mismatch /etc/ftpd/no_reverse
	# add 'override' to the end to
dns refuse_no_reverse /etc/ftpd/no_reverse override
dns refuse_mismatch /etc/ftpd/no_reverse override

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