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I have been building and administering LFS servers for ...8 years?...or so. I started
this documentation project because of the sheer volume of esoteric knowledge needed
for each build.

Starting at Basic computer setup, there are notes
about partitioning, swap, and other general setup stuff. It's mixed in with the old 
Red Hat 6.2 notes, but it's still relevant. 

The next page is After Linux From Scratch - notes, 
which is detailed compile instructions for the basic server software. It may seem
confusing if at first, but if you build a complete LFS system, you can probably follow 
the lfs-NoteToSelf.html instructions. 

Next are various conf files, scripts, etc. 

Legacy files probably aren't useful to anyone, but there they are.

As you start this journey, remember:
google is all the tech support a real geek needs.

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