Warnings and Stuff

Warnings and Stuff 

All of this stuff has been personally tested on Intel/AMD PC's 
running clean installs and upgrades of Win98?, 
Windows95b?, and Win95a OEM from Packard Bell (some of 
these tips are unnecessary in Win98, or just won't work). 
WinMe...well, who cares? Go to the System Restore 
and make a checkpoint first. As always, YOUR machine 
may melt into a big puddle of plastic, so always make a 
backup of the registry and make sure you know how to use it.

Play it safe. Make only one change at a time,
 restart the computer, and make sure everything 
works as it should. Close any open applications 
before messing around with the registry, have your 
backup handy (including a boot floppy disk that lets 
you access your CD-ROM). 
Nero boot CD 
Roxio boot CD

Much of this can be done with TweakUI 
or [First edition Win98 CD-ROM drive letter]:\tools\reskit\powertoy) and/or 
Poledit ([CD-ROM drive letter]:\tools\reskit\netadmin\poledit), but 
what fun is that? 
If you use Poledit, set it to only run specified applications, and 
don't include Poledit as one of the applications, you can't 
use Poledit to change anything else...including changing
 the list of allowed applications. Got it? Good. 

Most changes to the registry won't take 
effect until you reboot. Making only one 
change at a time isolates any problems that may develop. 

If you mess something up anyway, boot into 
DOS and type: regedit /D 
where  is the path to the registry key 
you want to delete.
Use this carefully, as it can hose your registry 
completely. This is where your knack for remembering 
obscure data kicks in. 

Here's how you're supposed to restore your
 registry from //www.the(slang for nude)
It's probably a good idea to review it 
before...well, you know...boom. :-O

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