Upgrade Without Previous Version

Upgrade Without Previous Version

If you're installing Win95 on a system without 
a previous version of Windows installed, Win95 
asks you to prove you have installed a previous 
version of DOS or Windows. If you don't have 
your old diskettes handy, here's how to get 
around the dialog: Open Notepad and save a 
document as WIN.CN_ (the final character is 
an underline). Put the WIN.CN_ file on a 
diskette - your boot diskette or Win95 Startup 
disk will do. When you reach the point in the installation 
where Win95 asks you to show it a previous version, 
put in the diskette with the WIN.CN_ file on it. 
The installation program will accept it as proof 
of a previous version. 

Here's another way I haven't tried 

This I got langalist, probably... 
"Most Microsoft CD-ROM keys are very 
simple. The first three digits before
 the hyphen can be absolutely anything 
you like. The sum of the remaining 
seven digits must be a factor of 7. So 
you can use: 111-1111111, 222-2222222 etc."


"Windows 95, MS Plus! and MS Office 95 (and others that accept 3.7 keys) 
will accept 111-1111111, and MS Office 97 accepts 1112-1111111.
Also, it seems that SUPPORT is available for such numbers. I managed 
to install Office 97 Service Release 1 after entering such a code. :-)"

"This is the generic OEM key for Win95 (works on all versions I believe):
If there needs to be another digit in the 0003121 part, add a zero after the 3."

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