Eliminate the Favorites folder(and others) from the Start menu

Eliminate the Favorites folder(and others) from the Start menu:

Go to 
Right-click in the right pane. When the menu opens, choose 
New, DWORD Value. Name the new value NoFavoritesMenu. 
When the Edit DWORD Value dialog box opens, enter 1(one) and 
restart the computer. After you restart, you'll have no Favorites
 folder in the Start menu. If you decide you want the Favorites
 folder back, change the value back to 0(zero) and click 
OK, or just delete it. Close RegEdit and restart the 
computer to get the Favorites folder back into
 the Start menu. 
For the Documents folder, follow the same 
procedure, except name the new 
DWORD value: NoRecentDocsMenu


find = NoFind
log off username = NoLogOff
run = NoRun
shutdown = NoClose
The following are for the Settings item on the 
Start button. If you remove them all, you'll have no Settings item:
active desktop = NoSetActiveDesktop
control panel = NoSetFolders
folder options = NoFolderOptions
printers = NoSetPrinters
taskbar and start menu = NoSetTaskbar
windows update = NoWindowsUpdate

These are some others for Internet Explorer 5.01. 
They may work for earlier versions. If you've 
read this far, you've got a boot disk with CD 
access and a full backup, so dive right in! The 
NoFavoritesMenu is shown as removed from
 the start menu. You will probably only have 
one or two of these in your registry unless 
you got a branded version from Snap or 
somewhere. They add some or all 
of these to give themselves control 
over what you see. 



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