By now you've customized the way Windows looks; now it's 
time to attack the way it sounds. Edit the Registry to
 force Windows to play sounds for specific events, like 
opening or closing an application and maximizing or 
minimizing windows. You can also set it to play a 
certain sound file when it displays a message box. For 
example, to play the sound C:\sound.wav every time 
you start Microsoft Paint, run the Registry Editor, 
and find the key:

Click on Edit, New, then Key, and type in 
MSPAINT (to match the name of the program). Next add a 
key under MSPAINT called Open, and a key 
under that called .Current. Double-click on the 
default value to set it to C:\windows\sound.wav or 
whatever. You'll see other applications with 
sounds events; use them as a guide. 

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