Right-click Print Directory

Right-click Print Directory:

In Explorer, go to the View menu, 
Folder Options, File Types, select 
File folder...Edit...New.... Give it a 
name, then on the "Application used..." line, type:

C:\Windows\ /c dir /ong >prn
Adjust for your Windows directory. 
Repeat for Folder and Drive
Type dir /? at a DOS prompt to see the 
options available, and adjust the /ong parameters to suit yourself.

In XP, use cmd.exe instead of

cmd.exe /c dir /ong >prn

folders in the right-hand side of Explorer have the 
default option of 'Search' (or anything other than 'explore')

regedit: HCR\Directory\shell -- double-click (Default) in the 
right-hand pane and change the value to 'None'

In WinXP Home Edition, this happened to me after 
adding this 'Print Directory' option and after I had changed the 
default action of Explorer from 'Open' to 'Explore'

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