Your own OEM logo

Your own OEM logo

When you look at the system properties window 
(right-click My Computer and select 'Properties' or push the 
Pause and Windows keys together), the computer manufacturer 
probably has their logo and information on the bottom 
half under the 'Registered To' information. To put your 
own stuff there:

 1. Get a bitmap, size it to 180x114 pixels, name it 
oemlogo.bmp and move it to your \windows\system folder. 
2. Open Notepad and create a file similar to this, replacing 
the text to the right of the equal sign with your own text: 
Manufacturer=Omigosh Spatula Co. Limited
Model='75 AMC Gremlin
[Support Information]
Line1=For tech support:
Line2=Go to //
Line6=This file is c:\windows\system\oeminfo.ini

Save it as oeminfo.ini in your \windows\system folder.
If you have problems, change the bitmap dimensions
 to 160x120  

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