Custom message boxes

Custom message boxes:

If you have Windows Scripting Host installed, it will 
automatically run scripts with the extension .vbs or .js 
when they are clicked. Here's a quick message 
box example:
Response = MsgBox ("You just deleted C:\Windows\" + vbcrlf + "Your disk will 
be formatted when you shut down", vbokonly, "Oh, crap!")
Copy it, paste it into Notepad and save it with a .vbs extension.
First you define the message box text. This is two lines, 
with 'vbcrlf' being a line break. Next is the buttons to show,
 then the message box title. 
Here's a simple, easily edited version:
MsgBox"Hello, Pun'kin!",2,"Yew shore dew have purty lips, boy..."
Change the 2 to other numbers for different 
button combinations.
WSH is installed by default in Win98, and can be 
downloaded for free from somewhere on the 
Microsoft website for earlier Windows 
editions. Good luck finding it. 
Here's an ftp site that may help:

Norton has a 'noscript.exe' file that can turn the 
WSH on and off easily at
 (// Read the entire 
page before using it.

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