Memory management

Memory management:

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To get better performance from a machine with 32 
megs of memory or better, push the 
Windows key + Pause Break key to call 
up the System Properties box. Click the 
Performance tab, then the File System button. 
You'll see a Select Box under Settings labeled 
'Typical role of this computer:'. Change that to 'Network server'. 
This will manage your memory better and give you a small 
performance boost. In Windows95b and up, you're all set
 to go. In earlier releases of Windows, you'll have to do this: 
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\FS Templates 
Click on Server, and in the right-hand pane you'll see two 
entries called NameCache and PathCache. Here are the 
values that you need to enter/modify for each one of them: 

   1. For NameCache modify the numeric values to read:
         a9 0a 00 00
   2. For PathCache modify the numeric values to read:
         40 00 00 00

These values are written to the wrong entries by default and you 
have to manually fix them to get a boost in performance when 
setting your machine to "Network Server". Because these 
values are written in wrong many people see no difference in 
performance when changing to "Network Server". But this Registry 
hack fixes it, and when you're done making these changes, go 
set your system to "Network Server" and see if you notice 
any improvement (you'll need to restart Windows for the 
changes to take effect). 

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