Change hard drive icons

Change hard drive icons:

To change the icon for your hard drive, create the
 following file in notepad:


Notice it's two lines. 
If your hard drive is C: 
click Save As... and navigate to C:
and save it as autorun.inf
enclose it in quotes so Notepad won't put a .txt 
on the end of it
The path specified is the typical Windows path
yours may vary, but you'll have that dll file.
The 36 at the end is the number of the icon I chose.
(Icons in a file are numbered, starting at 0.)
To see the change, open Windows Explorer; click 
F5 if needed to refresh. 
To preview your icon options, select an icon on 
your desktop, right-click and select
Properties, then Change Icon. You can also select 
any other .dll file in your computer, although most 
won't have icons.
The common Windows icons are in 
 (xp = C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll) 
You can also point to a single icon. 
Using the example above: 


I have three hard drives and nine partitions; under 
WinMe, I had to move the icon/dll to each
 partition and edit the autorun.ini, i.e. 
C:\Windows\System\Pifmgr.dll,32 became Pifmgr.dll,32. 
WinMe also wouldn't let me change the icons 
for the primary partitions of the first two 
drives, but did let me change the 
primary partition icon of the third drive. 

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