Custom folder icons

Custom folder icons:

Navigate to the folder whom's icon you want to change, right-click 
and select New -> Text Document, and rename it to:
Here's a desktop.ini file pointing to an icon:

InfoTip=Heeeeeere kittykittykittykitty 

Here's a desktop.ini file pointing to shell32.dll:

InfoTip=Hello, sailor!

Now open a DOS prompt (Start Menu -> Programs -> MS-DOS Prompt) 
and type:
attrib +s 
This makes it a system folder, which you can see by right-clicking 
and selecting 'Properties'. To remove the System folder attribute, enter:
attrib -s 
at the DOS prompt.

Rainbow Folders will make colored folder icons for 
you (the website has popups). 

You can change shell icons through the registry at:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Shell Icons
ZDNet has a tool called 
(a href=// DecoMenu(/a)
 that will slice up a picture, make it into icons, and put it on the Start Menu:

"19"="C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\DECOMENU\\p1.ico"
"43"="C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\DECOMENU\\p2.ico"
"20"="C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\DECOMENU\\p3.ico"
"21"="C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\DECOMENU\\p4.ico"
"22"="C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\DECOMENU\\p5.ico"
"23"="C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\DECOMENU\\p6.ico"
"24"="C:\\PROGRAM FILES\\DECOMENU\\p7.ico"

If you create a shortcut to a file and right click the shortcut, there's 
a button labeled "Change Icon". Clicking it brings up a
 window with the icons in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SHELL32.DLL . 
You start counting at the top left as 0,1,2,3, second column is 4,5,6,7, etc. 
So to display a different icon representing an open folder, go to the 
registry location above and select New -> String Value, name it 4, 
and enter the path to your new icon, such as c:\windows\linux.ico (case insensitive, no quotes), 
so it looks like this:
You need to refresh your icon cache before it'll show up 
using TweakUI or (ahem) my clock program's Icon Refresher

Windows XP doesn't let you change shell icons
 through the registry. You have to edit Explorer.exe

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