Control Panel Shortcut

Control Panel Shortcut:

Right-click the desktop and select New --> Shortcut and enter:
C:\Windows\Control.exe Sysdm.cpl,System,1
as the Command line and any name you want 
as the Name. C:\Windows\Control.exe by itself 
opens the Control Panel; as shown, it opens Device Manager
change the 1 to other numbers for other views, 
starting with zero

XP 'Location of the item' is %windir%\system32\control.exe Sysdm.cpl,System,4
Change the 4 to open with other views

(Windows is not case sensitive, so C:\WINDOWS is the 
same as c:\windows)

 HOWTO: Start a Control Panel Applet in Windows 95 or Later :;EN-US;135068

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