Your own Command Prompt Here

Your own Command Prompt Here: 

In Explorer, go to the View menu, Folder Options, File Types, 
select File folder...Edit...New.... 
Give it a name (the Action: line), then on 
the "Application used..." line, type:

C:\ /K cd "%1"
This can also be used at: Folder and Drive
For WinXP, there's a power toy: 

You can create a .bat file to change the win95, win98 
and winme command 
prompt, install DOSkey, or whatever, and 
call it with 

c:\ /K c:\myDos.bat cd "%1"

You can also use special characters that will show 
up in the pop-up menu, such as Alt+128 for a capital C. 

      (To create myDos.bat, open Notepad and enter:

      prompt $p$g $$
      ...see the prompt options by typing prompt /? in a DOS window.) 

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