Add text to the system clock

Add text to the system clock:

Go to HKCU\Control Panel\International, and create a new 
string value called
Double-click it and enter your text for the value data. 
Create another string value, and name it
and put the same text as the s1159 string.
(I don't know the character limit, but I DO know it's long 
enough for Mr. Potato Head.) 

To remove the colon ( : ) from the clock and make it 
show military time:
Go to HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\International
and add new strings with the values shown: iTime -> "1"
iTLZero ->"1"
sTime -> ""
sTimeFormat -> "HHmm tt"
I don't know what the effect of combining these
 two would be...

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