CD-ROM drives in DOS and Safe Mode

CD-ROM drives in DOS and Safe Mode:

I use a few Packard Bell computers, and a nagging problem is 
getting the CD-ROM drive to work in DOS. I've only tested
 this on two computers, but it worked flawlessly. Your 
mileage may vary.
The path to individual files may be different on your 
computer, so modify these if you need to.
If you've installed Windows in the default location, 
C:\Windows, then you have a folder there called 'command.' 
Copy the file 'oakcdrom.sys' from your boot disk 
(Control Panel -- Add/Remove Programs -- Startup Disk) to c:\windows\command.
 If you want to copy it somewhere else, modify the path in c:\config.sys 
Add the following line to your C:\autoexec.bat file:
c:\windows\command\mscdex /D:MSCD000 
Add the following line to your C:\config.sys file:
Device = C:\windows\command\oakcdrom.sys /D:MSCD000 

If it doesn't work, try substituting one of the other .sys files 
on the boot disk for the oakcdrom.sys file.
If you don't have an autoexec.bat or config.sys file, 
make them using Notepad. 

To use the CD-ROM in Safe Mode, boot to DOS, change 
directory to c:\windows, and type:
win /d:m

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