Always show file extensions

Remove all occurrences of the value "NeverShowExt" from the registry 

Open the Windows Start menu 
Select "Run" and enter "regedit" to open the registry editor 
From the "Edit" menu, select "Find" 
Uncheck the "Keys" and "Data" entries under "Look at", and insure
 the "Values" entry is checked 
Enter "NeverShowExt" in the "Find What" box and click "Find Next" 
When a value is found, right click on the value name and select "Delete" 
Press F3 to find the next occurrence of "NeverShowExt". 
Repeat the previous two steps until all occurrences of "NeverShowExt"
 have been deleted from the registry 
The computer will need to be rebooted for changes to take effect 
Shortcuts get real ugly with an extension. 

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