update January 1 2009
McAfee SiteAdvisor threw a little girly fit over Keystroker, so
it has been removed...prompting the only change this application
has seen for almost 10 years. Hurray, mega-corporate overlords!
I might as well mention it now, since I'VE ALREADY BEEN PUT 
OUT THANK YOU MCAFEE, this little monstrosity was built
for Windows 98, and first went into service in February 1999. I made
the minimum amount of changes necessary and built a Windows XP
compatible version in 2004. This XP version works on all editions of XP 
and Vista, including 64bit.
And now, the original readme.txt file, last update January 2004:

Click the Time and Date with the right and left 
mouse buttons to see the menus.  Drag it around by
clicking and dragging on the edge.
The main program is kclock.exe; all the other executables
 are called from its menu, although many are stand-alone 
programs in the kclock folder and can be used separately.
There are other executables in the Kclock folder that
aren't linked anywhere. They're probably just dumb or 
don't work very well
Top left-click menu items call Windows programs; if you
don't have the program installed, nothing will happen.
The right-click menu items are included with this program.
Most are self-explanatory or include a short help section.
Others assume you've installed ESP or some other form
of mind-reading software.

As you'll guess after using the programs, it's Freeware!
It was built with Visual Basic 4, so it needs the 
standard dll's  shipped with Windows and a couple of .ocx files.
Some are included; they install into the kclock
folder so that they won't interfere with your system files.
VB40032.dll is included, and is available as a self-extracting zip file at 

This is a perpetual beta test. However,
 none of your system settings or customizations will be 
changed.  The install program is only so Windows will
know where to find it; all the files are copied to a single
folder on your disk, even the system files that are normally
copied to %system%. This makes a slightly larger program,
but if everyone did it, we'd be having a lot less trouble with
Windows. Here's a better explanation from the programmer
of Arachnophilia: //www.arachnoid.com/lutusp/dll_article.html
 Use the Windows Add/Remove Programs
applet to uninstall.

The original readme is included as md5sum-original-read-me.txt 
in the kclock folder for your personal enlightenment.  It recommends
you put the aamd532.dll file from the kclock folder into your PATH, i.e.
c:\windows\system. md5.bas is included
in the kclock folder.
There's a javascript md5sum at:
http://pajhome.org.uk/crypt/md5/md5src.html . 

This program writes window titles and keystrokes to a file
 named by date in the current directory; i.e. if you didn't
 change the install defaults and start the key logger on
 December 25, 2001 it'll write to a file called
 C:\Program Files\Kclock\12-25-2001
 (it uses your computers time format) and is viewable with
 any text editor. Keystroker won't show on
the Ctrl+Alt+Del list.
For WinXP, use winhwnd.exe instead of keystroker. 
winhwnd.exe writes plain text to winhwnd.dll (use Notepad to view it)

After the program is installed (default: c:\program files\kclock\), 
navigate to the folder and click makefolder.exe to add a
right-click menu item called 'Make Folder Here' . To remove,
use Regedit to delete the key:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Folder\shell\Make Folder Here

The alarm clock doesn't do any error checking and won't 
work through a reboot, but it will change a semi-colon
to a colon. Wow!


The shortcut wiz couldn't have been done without 
Brian Harper...//www.brianharper.demon.co.uk/...
What a man!
And of course: 
Brad Martinez(btmtz@msn.com) 
I got a lot of ideas and sample code there, and blatantly ripped off
his system icon dealy. Way to go, Brad!
The calendar is due to the generosity of Joe LeVasseur. If you
aren't using Yankee Clipper ( //www.tiac.net/users/lvasseur/ycphome.html ),
there's something seriously Wrong with you.
The Floppy Wiper is adapted from a program by Kenneth Ives. To quoth th' Readme:

"   This example program is provided "as is" with no warranty of any kind. It is
intended for demonstration purposes only. In particular, it does no error
handling. You can use the example in any form, but please mention
www.vb-helper.com and the original author Kenneth Ives, kenives@cmpu.net.    "

For better security, get PGP from MIT or Network Associates. For complete security, 
burn your computer RIGHT NOW! HURRY!!! THEY'RE COMING!!!!!
I got quite a few things from //www.vb-helper.com. In exchange, they wanted a 
mention in the documentation...
...happy now, sissyboys?
A lot of the code samples at vb-helper dot com mention the Rocky Mountain
Computer Consulting Co. If you have any idea who they are, give them a big wet
one for me, would you? Thanks.
The Log function is from www.winmag.com/karen. You should go look at her
stuff. Very cool! Her comments from the readme:

"(c) 1997, 1999 Karen Kenworthy, All Rights Reserved
May be freely redistributed, if no charge is made for the program."

It makes a log of the window titles of all open windows in the clock directory;
logging stops when the clock is shut down. Selecting 'Stealth Mode' calls the
winhwnd.exe file which writes to a text file called winhwnd.dll, which is a 
regular text file; this enables logging to continue even if the clock is shut down.
Note! - No check is made of the log file. It's up to you to delete it 
before your disk fills up. No window shows up, and it doesn't show
in the Ctrl-Alt-Del list(though it does show in a task list), so don't forget
about it if you autorun it.
Note 2 - Nothing appears to happen when you click it, but resist the
temptation to click it again. It won't help.
To enable logging at Windows startup, add a shortcut to winhwnd.exe in the
 Start Menu -> StartUp folder, or better yet, to the Registry
(see //www.fiveanddime.net/notes.html for Registry 'help', a.k.a 'Ruining a
Perfectly Good Computer for Dummies'').
The password sniffer is the complete and unmodified executable included with the 
code to make it from Karl Peterson. (It was too cool not to include.)
 His blurb is included complete and unmodified 
in the file 'passwordSniffer.txt' in this directory. 
Thanks, Karl!
My name?
Getting the pixel color under the cursor (ScreenRuler) is adapted 
from something I found at http://blackbeltvb.com (Matt Hart).
I think. I'm pretty sure...Anyway, the site is a very 
worthwhile visit.
I forgot where I picked up the 'tips' thing (on the Calendar). Edit 'tips.txt'
in the kclock directory to add/subtract tips. Each must be on it's own, single line.
makefolder.exe is based on code by Erik Forbes. I don't know
who he is or where his web site is, or if he even has one.


 Any comments, suggestions, or complaints are welcome,
 and will qualify you to win a vacation package
 to the Bahamas! (Winner must pay all expenses and invite
 me along. Winner is expected to 'put out.')

You probably got this from:

Here's an interesting bit of reading:
or at least it was in late 1999. 

    -- something or other was last modified Jan 19, 2004 --

 "Our users will know fear and cower
          before our software! Ship it! Ship it
          and let them flee like the dogs they
 - Mordak, son of  Pitactk the Programmer

"Hey! It compiled! Ship it!"


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