[2] Iomega Zip Password REMOVAL: Step by step: How to REALLY remove R/W

If you *EVER* forget the password for a ZIP disk, I finially figured out
(with the help of some searching on the internet over the last 2 1/2 years,
mostly turning up nothing) how to recover the data (not even Iomega claims
to know how!)

I figured it out last night. As far as I can tell, it ONLY works with the
external version of the drive (internal IDE doesn't, at least under Windows
95--it keept locking up the system)

Here's how:
0) Make sure you have the Tools installed that let you password

1) Take a new disk that is not password protected, give it a read/write
password (and remember it!) :)

2) Turn the SLEEP mode of the drive down to 1 minute.

3) Leaving the newly password protected disk in the drive, choose to
"Unprotect until eject".

4) Wait 1 minute until you hear the drive click and spin down (the light
should flash as well).[make sure nothing on the computer is accessing the
drive--e.g. any explorer windows, etc..]

5) Straighten out a paperclip, and insert it into the tiny hole in the back
of the drive, just about the parallel printer port connection area. Press in
lightly and the disk should pop out. (DO NOT press the electronic eject
button on the front..this will reset the drive's memory)

6) Put in the disk that you have forgotten the password on.

7) Choose to "Remove Protection", and enter in the password of the new disk
that you assigned the password to in step 1.

8) Electronically eject (normally) and reinsert the now unprotected disk.
[If you don't do this, the files will appear corrupted and cannot be read].
From here on out, your disk is unprotected and can be accessed like a disk
that never had protection!

Congratulations! You have now totally removed the protection from the disk!

If you have more disks to remove protection from, electronically eject
(normally) the current disk, and re-insert the password protected disk and
go back to step 3 and repeat until step 8.

This worked quite well for me!

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