Windows Vista notes
Windows XP notes
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me notes
More Windows notes
Web notes

Securing Internet Explorer 6
Shell Extensions List
Windows XP Command Line Tools

Windows registry cleaning
Windows registry restoration
Changing Explorer
Add to the Windows 9x Find menu

Icons, cursors and freeware

Windows startup programs
Windows startup programs
Using TweakUI from Microsoft
Firefox notes
Internet Explorer security zones
Speed up Internet Explorer
Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

How to make a boot CD with Nero
How to make a boot CD with Roxio

Linux secure server setup
How to set up an e-mail account with Outlook Express
Email link graphics
Internet Explorer scrollbar colors
256 browser-safe colors
Browser color chart
Web page colors
Netscape colors
Escape tags
Special Characters
HTML escape codes
Code samples
Browser error codes
JavaScript examples
Frickin' Lasers

Computer power supply estimates
Older PC chip set specs
Roll your own DSL connection
Roll your own DSL connection 2

Iomega Zip drive passwords
Windows upgrade cheating

The Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence, piratized
The Declaration of Independence, snooped
The Bill of Rights
Constitution of the United States of America - The Original Seven Articles
The Constitution of the United States of America
Links to the United States Government
Laws of William the Conqueror
The Magna Carta
The code of Lipit Ishtar

Freeware Jokes!
Daily Affirmation
Tip of the Day
Be annoying!
More annoying stuff
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Subversive keywords
the FreeBSD fortune file

Calorie Chart
Tips for selling on ebay
Phobia List
Home school mathematics worksheets

Exotic House Plants
Cactus care and culture, notes, tips and tricks

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