Applet name: Asternoids
Applet Source:
Import(s): java.util, java.lang, java.awt, java.applet,
Feature(s): text, image, animation, audio, keyboard
Author: Ben Seigelman

Usage Guide:

Asternoid! takes two parameters: "wid" and "hei", which are the width and height of the applet. These should be the same as the width and height values specified in the HTML file. The game starts when the user clicks on the applet, and is played with the following keys:

|  KEY  |  Function                              |
|   J   |  Rotates the player counter-clockwise  |
|   L   |  Rotates the player clockwise          |
|   K   |  Thrust                                |
|<space>|  Shoot                                 |
|   Z   |  Shield                                |

The shield is displayed in the red bar at the top of the applet. The key recognition is better than the recognition built into java itself.

an example of valid html code:

        <PARAM NAME=wid VALUE=400>
        <PARAM NAME=hei VALUE=400>