The left section of each color bar is specified by a color name and the right section by the equivalent color number in hex notation. Thus, there should be a single solid color on each line. If “Not Supported” appears in the left section, your browser does not support the indicated color name. If a color is present but does not match the right section, your browser uses a different color number for that color name. Color names (4) in italics are not found on most lists of named colors, but may be displayed by some browsers. In this case, the equivalent color number is based on the color displayed by Opera 5.x browsers.
Netscape 4.x NOTE: “Not Supported” appears in every color bar because the browser does not support the color style used to render the words invisible in later versions.
Color NameName ExampleNumber ExampleColor Number  
aliceblueNot Supported F0F8FF
antiquewhiteNot Supported FAEBD7
aquaNot Supported 00FFFF
aquamarineNot Supported 7FFFD4
azureNot Supported F0FFFF
beigeNot Supported F5F5DC
bisqueNot Supported FFE4C4
blackNot Supported 000000
blanchedalmondNot Supported FFEBCD
blueNot Supported 0000FF
bluevioletNot Supported 8A2BE2
brownNot Supported A52A2A
burlywoodNot Supported DEB887
cadetblueNot Supported 5F9EA0
chartreuseNot Supported 7FFF00
chocolateNot Supported D2691E
coralNot Supported FF7F50
cornflowerblueNot Supported 6495ED
cornsilkNot Supported FFF8DC
crimsonNot Supported DC143C
cyanNot Supported 00FFFF
darkblueNot Supported 00008B
darkcyanNot Supported 008B8B
darkgoldenrodNot Supported B8860B
darkgrayNot Supported A9A9A9
darkgreyNot Supported 
darkgreenNot Supported 006400
darkkhakiNot Supported BDB76B
darkmagentaNot Supported 8B008B
darkolivegreenNot Supported 556B2F
darkorangeNot Supported FF8C00
darkorchidNot Supported 9932CC
darkredNot Supported 8B0000
darksalmonNot Supported E9967A
darkseagreenNot Supported 8FBC8F
darkslateblueNot Supported 483D8B
darkslategrayNot Supported 2F4F4F
darkslategreyNot Supported 
darkturquoiseNot Supported 00CED1
darkvioletNot Supported 9400D3
deeppinkNot Supported FF1493
deepskyblueNot Supported 00BFFF
dimgrayNot Supported 696969
dimgreyNot Supported 
dodgerblueNot Supported 1ED0FF
firebrickNot Supported B22222
floralwhiteNot Supported FFFAF0
forestgreenNot Supported 228B22
fuchsiaNot Supported FF00FF
gainsboroNot Supported DCDCDC
ghostwhiteNot Supported F8F8FF
goldNot Supported FFD700
goldenrodNot Supported DAA520
grayNot Supported 808080
greyNot Supported 
greenNot Supported 008000
greenyellowNot Supported ADFF2F
honeydewNot Supported F0FFF0
hotpinkNot Supported FF69B4
indianredNot Supported CD5C5C
indigoNot Supported 4B0082
ivoryNot Supported FFFFF0
khakiNot Supported F0E68C
lavenderNot Supported E6E6FA
lavenderblushNot Supported FFF0F5
lawngreenNot Supported 7CFC00
lemonchiffonNot Supported FFFACD
lightblueNot Supported ADD8E6
lightcoralNot Supported F08080
lightcyanNot Supported E0FFFF
lightgoldenrodNot Supported ECE872
lightgoldenrodyellowNot Supported FAFAD2
lightgrayNot Supported D3D3D3
lightgreyNot Supported 
lightgreenNot Supported 90EE90
lightpinkNot Supported FFB6C1
lightsalmonNot Supported FFA07A
lightseagreenNot Supported 20B2AA
lightskyblueNot Supported 87CEFA
lightslateblueNot Supported 736AFF
lightslategrayNot Supported 778899
lightslategreyNot Supported 
lightsteelblueNot Supported B0C4DE
lightyellowNot Supported FFFFE0
limeNot Supported 00FF00
limegreenNot Supported 32CD32
linenNot Supported FAF0E6
magentaNot Supported FF00FF
maroonNot Supported 800000
mediumaquamarineNot Supported 66CDAA
mediumblueNot Supported 0000CD
mediumorchidNot Supported BA55D3
mediumpurpleNot Supported 9370DB
mediumseagreenNot Supported 3CB371
mediumslateblueNot Supported 7B68EE
mediumspringgreenNot Supported 00FA9A
mediumturquoiseNot Supported 48D1CC
mediumvioletredNot Supported C71585
midnightblueNot Supported 191970
mintcreamNot Supported F5FFFA
mistyroseNot Supported FFE4E1
moccasinNot Supported FFE4B5
navajowhiteNot Supported FFDEAD
navyNot Supported 000080
navyblueNot Supported (unknown)
oldlaceNot Supported FDF5E6
oliveNot Supported 808000
olivedrabNot Supported 6B8E23
orangeNot Supported FFA500
orangeredNot Supported FF4500
orchidNot Supported DA70D6
palegoldenrodNot Supported EEE8AA
palegreenNot Supported 98FB98
paleturquoiseNot Supported AFEEEE
palevioletredNot Supported DB7093
papayawhipNot Supported FFEFD5
peachpuffNot Supported FFDAB9
peruNot Supported CD853F
pinkNot Supported FFC0CB
plumNot Supported DDA0DD
powderblueNot Supported B0E0E6
purpleNot Supported 800080
redNot Supported FF0000
rosybrownNot Supported BC8F8F
royalblueNot Supported 4169E1
saddlebrownNot Supported 8B4513
salmonNot Supported FA8072
sandybrownNot Supported F4A460
seagreenNot Supported 2E8B57
seashellNot Supported FFF5EE
siennaNot Supported A0522D
silverNot Supported C0C0C0
skyblueNot Supported 87CEEB
slateblueNot Supported 6A5ACD
slategrayNot Supported 708090
slategreyNot Supported 
snowNot Supported FFFAFA
springgreenNot Supported 00FF7F
steelblueNot Supported 4682B4
tanNot Supported D2B48C
tealNot Supported 008080
thistleNot Supported D8BFD8
tomatoNot Supported FF6347
turquoiseNot Supported 40E0D0
violetNot Supported EE82EE
violetredNot Supported E9358A
wheatNot Supported F5DEB3
whiteNot Supported FFFFFF
whitesmokeNot Supported F5F5F5
yellowNot Supported FFFF00
yellowgreenNot Supported 9ACD32


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