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There's eight pictures here; about 30 kb each. The quality isn't very good; but things were different back in the 90's <wheeeeze> when these were taken.
These were all taken in south Texas, although they can grow anywhere with proper care. Even here, most of these have to spend a few cold nights a year in the house.

Pachypodium lamerii & Adenium obesum

(left)Pachypodium lamerii      (right)Adenium obesum

The small ones in the middle are future bonsai...the big leafed one is Bauhinia purpurea, small leafed is ebony.

South Texas house plants

My  loft apartment; most of them are outside, but these are all shade-tolerant.

The big palm on the left is a Raphis excelsa; smaller one right beside it is a Kentia; the big palm on the right is my coconut palm I got as a seedling...I highly recommend a coconut as a houseplant for any light level. This one has been in full shade, full sun, and everything in between, and is now (2-22-98) eight feet tall in the same two gallon pot.

The spiny one hanging on the right is a haworthia with some aporocactus (a jungle cactus), and on the left is a Huernia of some type.

Stapelia gigantea in bloom

My Stapelia gigantea in bloom; the bottom one was over 9 inches across and the most horrible smelling thing you can imagine.

South Texas house plants This was taken a few years ago.

South Texas house plants

They're all either much bigger now, or dead.

South Texas house plants

The tall blue one is a Cereus monstrousus; the tall green one isn't a cactus, it's a Euphorbia ingens, of the same family as poinsettias. They're native to Africa, and independently evolved with almost the exact same characteristics. On the left is a Euphorbia lactea, both regular and crested.

A crest in a cactus or Euphorbia is when the single growing point spreads out into a fan shape. Some crested cactus are worth ten thousand dollars and more wholesale. Retail? Well...find a rich plant nut, and name your price.

South Texas house plants

A hot Texas day.

South Texas house plants

Oops...too small...

Adenium obesum

My big Adenium from above picture; it's about four years old. This is it's

second bloom of the season. Right behind it is the Adenium below...

...which has redder flowers.

Adenium obesum

Coconut palm

...I just can't say enough good things about coconut palms...

Palm trees

Tall one: Caryota...uh...I forgot the botanical name; I'll look it up

again later. Common name: Thai Mountain giant.

Small one: Licuala grandis. Vicious spines along the stems, but it's

good in deep shade. The leaves don't split.


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